If you are a music enthusiast, you may suffer from GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Musicians often find themselves buying more music gear than they could ever need, and it's easy to lose track of what you have, especially if you share equipment with friends and music buddies.

GASapp is designed to be a simple, intuitive way to log and maintain your gear inventory, check how much your equipment is worth, and maintain your own personal wishlist.

With's catalog and price guide built into GASapp, just upload your collection and instantly find out what your gear is worth. Don't have a collection yet? Enter the item into GASapp wishlist and instantly find current listings of that item for sale!

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1959 Les Paul Keith Richards' 1959 Les Paul Price Guide for: Keith Richards' 1959 Les Paul

Title: Keith Richards' 1959 Les Paul

Private Collection - Est. Value $3,000,000

David Gilmour #1 David Gilmour The Black Strat Price Guide for: David Gilmour "The Black Strat"

Title: David Gilmour "The Black Strat"

Sold at auction for $3,975,000 - Most expensive guitar in history

Stevie Ray Vaughan #1 Stevie Ray Vaughan #1 Price Guide for: SRV #1

Title: SRV #1

Sold at auction for $623,500